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Chapter 1. Vision System Design

Chapter 2.
Biological Eye 

Chapter 3. Eye 
Design Illustrations

Chapter 4. Eye 

Chapter 5. Optical  Systems Design 

Chapter 6. The 
Eye Designer

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Appendix A - Slide Show & Conference Speech by Curt Deckert

Appendix B - Conference Speech by Curt Deckert

Appendix C - Comments From Our Readers

Appendix D - Panicked Evolutionists: The Stephen Meyer Controversy







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Eye Care

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Laser Treatment of Eye Floaters
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HLASIK ophthalmologists with the Pacific Laser Eye Surgery Center offer the latest laser vision correction technologies in ASA and custom wavefront LASIK from five convenient Northern California locations in Sacramento, Oakland-Berkeley, Santa Rosa, Danville, and Stockton.
Compare prices of contact lenses; colored and enhanced, UV protective, Tennis, novelty lenses and accessories from all the major online distributors. Prices updated daily to ensure you find the best deal
We only Sell Authentic Sunglasses - hisunglasses.com,
The Schepens Eye Research Institute -- improve through research the quality of vision.
General information about the use of contact lenses
Contact lenses - Your guide to the best discount lens retailers on the net
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Dr. Mike Lenhardt, experienced and professional eye doctor, complete family vision care.
Acuvue 2 Contacts the most advanced of Johnson & Johnson’s line of lenses
Title: lasik eye surgery Michigan
Eye Vitamins - Treat your age related macular degeneration with Viteyes AREDS formula. Viteyes provides vitamins and supplements for the eye disease.
Gucci and many other Designer Sunglasses on Sale
Latest collections of designer sunglasses at fraction of retail prices. Our products 100% Authentic and come with manufacture warranty, in original cases with all accessories.
Prescription medication information Drug3k- Prescription drug information for consumers
Lasik Eyes is the leading Information guide for laser eye surgery clinic in UK.
Vision Research Resources
Pinhole glasses They are ideal for sufferers of refractive eye disorders, the elderly and computer users as the pinholes - accurately formed by laser technology - allow only direct and coherent light rays to pass through into the eye.

Eye related

Vision Research Links from UC Irvine 
Underwater Photos from Roatan, Honduras 
3D Projection Without the Glasses 
How Can I See? - Stories - Does God Exist? 
The Ophiuroidea: references 
OcularTimes.Com--[Eye Anatomy] 
OcularTimes.Com--[Home Page] 
eye anatomy - www.discoveryfund.org 
Optobionics - www.optobionics.com
Yahoo! Picture Gallery 
Yahoo! Search Results for pictures of eyes 
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Artificial Vision System for clinical study
Eye designs --- Vision Group, Lund University
Links at David Williams' Lab" at The Center for Visual Science University of Rochester
Difference between Asian and Western Art Sharp-Sighted.org - Facial Masking, Alignment & Dyslexia
Difference between Asian and Western Art 5.2 Visual Grid and the Origin of Ocular Dominance Patterns in V1
Difference between Asian and Western Art 13.1 Animals Overview

Intelligent design

Irreducible Complexity Revisited by William A. Dembski
Scientists Who Believe in a Wise, Powerful & Intelligent Creator
Looking for more information on Intelligent Design? -- Intelligent Design FAQ
Access Research Network - Upcoming Events 
A Critique of PBS's Evolution 
More on PBS's Evolution 
The Design Argument--"Eye" of the Storm 
Q&A: Special/Intelligent Design Features - Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Hydrology, 
Human Biology, Mathematics, Musicology, Zoology 
Answers in Genesis | Home Page 
Search Answers in Genesis
Charles Darwin - The Truth? A new slant on Victorian science
Creation Science Association of Orange County
Creation Research Society -- SITE MAP
Bible passages pertaining to creation and science
A Creation Perspective and many links
Creation Science home page
" Been There, Done That!" 
BioForce Main Page 
Evidence for Intelligent Design 
John Templeton Foundation 
Johnson, Phillip E. - ARN Authors Page 
The Biotic Message 
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Intelligent Design as a Theory of Information: William A.Dembski 
Intelligent Design and Discipline in Science -- William A.Dembski 
Math Proof of Intelligent Design as opposed to Evolution 
DNA, Design, and the Origin of Life 
The Science Speaks Newsletter 
The Big Picture Book of Viruses 
The Origin-of-Life Prize 
Image Use 
Looking inside cells and tissues 
Comments on Dembski's "Intelligent Design" book. 
Discovery Media Productions 
Discovery Institute 
A Critique of PBS's Evolution 
Access Research Network - Frequently Asked Questions about Intelligent Design 
Links on Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness 
Did You Know That? 
Evidence for Intelligent Design - Biochemistry-- speech by Behe
Science Teaching, 
Mathematics, Musicology, Zoology 
Mere Creation: Science, Faith and Intelligent Design 
Ears that hear and eyes that see 
Consequences for Applying Intelligent Design Theories
Wikipedia free encyclopedia.  
This Wikipedia article refers to the sight organ, the Eye 
This Wikipedia article is about the concept of intelligent design, ID 
Doubting Thomas, "The Wedge" April/May 1999 
ASA - November 1996 by thread 
Live blood cell analysis
Creationist arguments against evolution of the human eye
text6 - www.scientific-religious.com 
How Could An Eye Evolve?
Connecting The Eye And The Brain
Measuring The Visual Quality Of The Eyes In This Sequence
An Engineer Looks at the Creationist Movement
Who Believes What?
Creation Science Educational Resources
Intelligent Designs - Vision
Creation Science Articles by Subject
Challenging Believers to Think and Thinkers to Believe
God's Existence: The Argument from Design
Deep-sea monster caught on tape
Intelligent Design Research Community
Johnson, Phillip E. - ARN Authors Page
Access Research Network
Mere Creation Homepage
ID Think
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The Chemistry of Vision: How Does a Cell Become Sensitive to Light? Behe, Michael
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Creation Science
Irreducible Complexity and Michael Behe
WAS DARWIN WRONG? - The critics of evolution - Home page.
Mike Boschat's Astronomy Page
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Creation-Evolution Encyclopedia - The most comprehensive source on origins
Behe, Michael J. - ARN Authors Page
Library Home Page
Discovery Institute - CRSC
Intelligent Design Network
Mere Creation Homepage
Astronomy, cosmology Day Star: Welcome
Darwin for Dummies
theory of evolution and the origin of life
The Origins Guidepost
Welcome to the Christian Research Institute
Leadership U Jay Budziszewski
InfoQuest - Apologetics
Area III Participating Faculty
The Intelligent Design Movement
Boundless Articles - Fine Print
Good Advice about College
Visual Elements - Contents
Scientists and other Intellectuals that Doubt Darwinism
Teaching Intelligent Design as Religion or Science?: Dembski, William A.
Can evolution produce an eye?
Intelligent Design Network Links
2002 Symposim on teaching origins science objectively.
Discovery Institute Publications
Intelligent Design Theory
Origins -- Randomness By Design
Center for Bioethics and Culture Bioethics
Four-Eye Fish - Pets & Animals Zoology
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Tip Off - March 2001
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Discovery Institute debate
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Institute of Electron Optics, Gallery, The old blue eye
Dembski, William A. - ARN Authors Page 
Creationist Zone Forum 
The Trilobite Eye 
ISCID: Molecular phylogenetic evidence for independent evolution
ISCID (Complexity, Information, and Design) - Are We Spiritual Machines?
Creation Research, Science Education Foundation - Evidences for Creation
Michael Behe and Intelligent Design on NPR
Intelligent Design E. coli and its Rotary Propulsion System: Dembski’s Case for Design
Cells Too Complex To Be Explained By Evolution, article in UCSD Guardian by IDEA members
idurc.org Intelligent Design Undergraduate Research Community
ID Network
Intelligent Design. The bridge between science and theology. (William Dembski).
CTRL - Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design: Scientists' Observations
Logic of ID
Dismantling Evolution - Building the Case for Intelligent Design
Is Our ‘Inverted' Retina Really ‘Bad Design'? By Peter W. V. Gurney
Evidence for God from Science 
Recommended Resources/Books 
God and Science -- The Eye 
God and Science -- Faith  
God and Science -- Apologetics and Prayer 
God and Science -- Religion and Health 
God and Science -- Apologetics and Spirituality 
Darwin's God - Evolution and the Problem of Evil by Cornelius G.Hunter
Darwin's Proof: The Triumph of Religion Over Science by Cornelius G.Hunter
Can intelligence be described scientifically? -- Cornelius G. Hunter and others
God and Design by Neil A. Manson (Editor), Julie A. Stone
Welcome to ARN-Announce
Links To ID Related Sites
Evaluation of neo-Darwinian Theory with Avida Simulations by Royal Truman
Using Intelligent Design Theory to Guide Scientific Research by Jonathan Wells
Characterizing the Protosome-Deuterostome Ancestor by Paul Nelson and Marcus Ross
An Integrated Approach to the Complexity Space by Eric Anderson
Irreducible Complexity by Stephen Griffith
Some Implications for Intelligent Design Derived from Analysis by Fernando Castro-Chavez
Design Features Questions and Answers
Intelligent Design and Irreducible Complexity
Facts for Faith
Evidence for Intelligent Design from Biochemistry, Michael Behe
Evolution, Intelligent design and its critics -- Encyclopædia Britannica Article
Intelligent design's public defender -- Louis Freedberg, Insight Senior Writer
Jellyfish have human-like eyes
Lightning-Like Vision from creationmoments.net
The Center for Science & Culture is a program of the Discovery Institute
Academic Freedom Petition Launches -- taking a stand for free speech and free scientific inquiry.
This year’s event is Proselytizing for Darwin's God in the Classroom featuring Dr. John G. West, author of Darwin Day in America.
Discovery Institute - Center for Science and Culture
ID the Future -- Magazine on Intelligent Design
Salvo Magazine: Marveling at the intricate design of the universe
Salvo Magazine -- SALVO 4: What's So Intelligent About Design?
The Apologist: An Interview with Dinesh D'Souza, Author of What's So Great About Christianity by Marcia Segelstein
Origin of Life Chemist Leslie Orgel Deems Metabolic Origin of Life "Unlikely" -- Part 1
Origin of Life Chemist Leslie Orgel Deems Metabolic Origin of Life "Unlikely" -- Part 2
Evolution News & Views
True Origin: Alleged Challenges to Biblical Creation
Wildlife Images of All Kinds
Insect Images of All Kinds
Evolution Cult vs Intelligent Design
Creation and Evolution - ASA
Eye Design as Evidence for Intelligent Design by Curt Deckert

Insect Eyes

MicroAngela's Electron Microscope Image Gallery 
bugscope gallery 
Electron Micrograph Images 
Pictures From The SEM 
Sandia MEMS: Movie Gallery - Bugs on Devices 
Bugscope UT 
Dragon-flies and Damsel-flies and Introduction to Insects 
Blue and Yellow Dragon Fly 
Yahoo! Photos - Thumbnails View 
Wasp picture 
Insect Flight: Evolution 
Unusual insect eye 
Fly's eye picture
The University of Arizona Library
Eye Design -- web.neurobio.arizona.edu
Insect Vision Related Links
Insect Vision & VLSI (BUG-EYE) Group
Lund University, Doctoral Dissertation
Hitch-hiking insects
New Camera Technology: Eyes from Eyes
Graded-Index Optics

Biblical Studies

The Presidential Prayer Team 
Talbot School of Theology 
Beliefnet; The source for Spirituality, Religion and Morality
Calvary network 
Does God Exist? 
KofC : Faith : CIS Online Course 
Psalm 8:1-9 The Lord's Glory and Man's Dignity 
Welcome to Concordia University Wisconsin 
Mastermedia Home Page 
Scientific Research and Papers by Creationists - Young Earth 
Discovery Institute's "Wedge project" Circulates Online 
Reasons To Believe
Blue Letter Bible - commentaries
Blue Letter Bible
The Spurgeon Archive—Main Menu
The Gospel Story 
Our Bible Studies
New Creation in Paul’s Letters and Thought
Biblical studies: New Birth and New Creation
Studies In The Scriptures - Volume Six - Foreword
Biblical prospective on Time, Creation, the Feast, 2 Thess 2:7,
Creation Unit Studies
Diotima -- Internet Resources for Biblical Studies
Creation Science Evangelism
Institute For Biblical and Scientific Studies
Creation - Studies in Creationism and Flood Geology
Philosophy 333 Evolution and Creation & Liberal Studies 487
Creation Pages
A Creation-Evolution Online Library
Biblical Studies
Christian Resources from GospelcomDirect.com
BLB - Text Commentaries
WORLD Sept. 11, 1999: Remarkable Providences
Discovery Institute - CRSC - Fellows
Staying Christian on Campus - WilberforceForum
Focus on the Family Magazine - What Is Truth?
Remove the Blinders - PrisonFellowship
Trinity Evangelical Free Church
Dallas Christian Leadership at SMU
Contact information www.layevangelism.com
Christian Answers Network: Answers, ministry tools, and more! [Home]
Bible-Science Association, San Fernando Valley, Creation-Evolution Education Resources
The Spurgeon Archive
Curriculum information - Creation Education Center for Answers in Genesis
Lambert Dolphin's RealAudio Library
Christian Media Daily
1-888-NEED HIM - Why Am I Here? Answers to Life's Greatest Questions
Center for theology and science
A s k m o s e s
Welcome to Calvary Church
the Creation Model of the LDS Church
The Christian Defense - A Christian Chat forum for discussion, questions and answer.
Church on the Web -- Research - Exegesis.
Where do microbes fit into the creation account?

Evolutionary Critique Of Eyes

Inverted Human Eye a Poor Design?
Bad Design in the Human Eye?
Denton vs Squid; the eye as suboptimal design.
On the Design of the Vertebrate Retina
Google Search: eye as poor example of design

Evolutionary Sites

A Critique of PBS's Evolution
CTRL - What's New? 
Evolution and the human eye 
The Fish Wars-- Part 2 
Evolutionary Theory Web Site 
Evolution of the Eye 
The Anti-Evolutionists: William A. Dembski 
Where Would An Eye Spot Have Come From? 
Life's Grand Design 
Life obviously had an intelligent designer. 
Regarding what Darwin said... 
The self-organizing cosmos and the design argument for God. 
Tower of Babel. (Robert Pennock). 
Snake Eyes in the Garden of Eden.(probability, evolution, and creationism) 
Triumph of Design and the Demise of Darwin, Studies the origins of creation, 
Zany Proofs of God: #2 
idurc.org Intelligent Design Undergraduate Research Center 
Creationism - www.infidels.org 
Links -- National Center for Science Education 
More Links -- National Center for Science Education 
Creation Research, Science Education Foundation 
Creation "Science" Debunked - www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral 
The Talk.Origins Archive: Other Web Sites 
Teaching Evolution, Appendix A - www.nap.edu 
Creation vs. Evolution ( science news, educational issues ) 
Creation Science Education 
Evolution vs. Creationism Home Page 
Teaching science - www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral 
Creation - www.world-of-dawkins.com 
Reprint from: Natural History Magazine - Intelligent Design 
"Separating Religious Fundamentalist 'Science' from Science" 
Ethics, apologetics, creation and evolution, the bible and science
The Creationist Assault on Science Education 
Creation Science Education in Britain 
Scientific American: Skeptic : The Gradual Illumination of the Mind 
Intelligent Design: Humans, Cockroaches, and the Laws of Physics
Becoming Human: Paleoanthropology, Evolution and Human Origins
On the Design of the Vertebrate Retina. Origins & Design by George Ayoub
SFI Home Page
Karger Gazette No 64 > The Evolution of Eyes -- art_1_2.htm
Karger Gazette No 64 > The Evolution of Eyes -- art_1_3.htm
Ancient "Chewing" Reptile Linked With Leap in Animal Diversity
New Camera Technology: Eyes from Eyes
PC Games: Impossible Animal Design
Vertebrate Evolution - Land
Wisdom in the Eye of the Frog
OUP: Animal Eyes: Land
Intelligent Enterprise Magazine - The Eyes to See
Boundless: The Meaning of Intelligent Design
Intelligent Design, or Is Mother Nature Built?
Critique of ID
Evolution Publication
Some Objections to Intelligent Design
Jury-Rigged Design
Intelligent Design?  A Special Report from Natural History Magazine
Evolution: Library: Intelligent Design: The Diane Rehm Show
Intelligent Design URC - Intermediate Stages
Evolution and the human eye
Ears that hear and eyes that see
Isn't "intelligent design" another name for "scientific creationism"?
Intelligent Design - the Skeptic's Dictionary
God and Design by Neil A. Manson (Editor), Julie A. Stone
Welcome to ARN-Announce
Links To ID Related Sites
Darwin and Evolution
A New Model for Light Interaction with the Retina by Gerald C. Huth, Ph.D. (physics)
"TRILOBITES -- THE EYES HAVE IT" -- www.trueorigin.org
Age of Earth -- www.trueorigin.org
Spidery Liquid Crystals -- www.creationmoments.com
Evolution Is A Myth Web Site
David Roemer-Religion and Science
Difference between Asian and Western Art Sharp-Sighted.org - Facial Masking, Alignment & Dyslexia
Difference between Asian and Western Art 5.2 Visual Grid and the Origin of Ocular Dominance Patterns in V1
Difference between Asian and Western Art 13.1 Animals Overview

Imaging and cameras

Optical Product Development and Consulting by Curt Deckert Associates, Inc. 
R&D Management Consulting by Curt Deckert Associates, Inc. 
Automated Imaging Association 
Camera Advisor 
Digital Cameras, Digital Imaging, Digital Photography, Digital Scanners 
Vision 1 - ILI Imaging Mall - Bitflow 
Exact Eye Fixed Magnification Lenses - $300 to $700 Audio Video Supply
Prices of full color electronic screens/signs/displays,
VideoEye! Magnification System - Standard Print 
The CDM Optics WebSite 
Hypersignal Block Diagram 
Watec The CCD Camera Leader in ultra small cameras 
Instrument Tech, Inc., ITI, Borescope, Fiberscopes, Videoscope, Endoscope
Integrated Endoscopy - Borescopes and Endoscopes 
Datacube Home Page 
Army Technology - Delft Electronic - Surveillance and Sensor Systems
Coreco Imaging - Machine Vision Boards, Systems & Frame Grabbers 
Cooled CCD Cameras for Scientific Imaging 
Lux and Light 
Andor Technology: ICCD Detectors for Spectroscopy and Imaging 
The High Speed Optoelectronic Laboratory - Publications 
Infotech Oulu Annual Report 2000 - Optoelectronics and Measurements 
Marshall Space Flight Center Photo Release 00-336 (12-18-00) 
CSMT Sensor Technology 
Human tissue imaging using various means 
Video Products & Security Equipment 
Charge Couple Devices (CCD) Discussions by thread 
Ofil Ltd. UV Solar Blind Filters, Imagers and Detectors. 
APA Optics - Detector - PreAmp Unit
All major thermal infrared imaging cameras
Photron - High-Speed Cameras and Primatte
UV-Optical CCDs
CCD-Camera comparison page:
OEM Cooled CCD Cameras
CCDs for Material Scientists
Advanced Photonix, Inc -- Semiconductor Browser
Electrim Corporation ELECTRonic IMaging -- Home
Cordin, High Speed Imaging Solutions
Watec The CCD Camera Leader in ultra small cameras
DALSA -- technology with vision
Sarnoff jpeg-2 mage compression
Indigo Systems designs and manufactures infrared thermal imaging sensors & cameras
FillFactory - Technology - Image Sensor Lexicon
Star Tech Instruments Inc.
Welcome to www.videologyinc.com Security Video Cameras
VSD -- Vision System Design
Links - Automated Imaging Association
Analog and mixed-signal semiconductor information for the analog engineer
<img src="http://www.machinevisiononline.org/images/new.gif" border=0>Smart Cameras vs. PC-Based Machine Vision Systems - Automated Imaging Association
Bristlecone Corporation, Stereoscopy, Stere-Opsis, Retro-Opsis, Photogrammetry, Panospheric Imaging, Surgical Microscopy, Alternative Image Sensors, Data Communications, FTVS, Remote & Robotic Vision, Hazardous Materials Management, Contract R & D, Digital Video Systems
SPIE Wave front coding
wave front coding
Hamamatsu Corporation (USA)
OCT measurements
RSNA New Product Introduction - FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A., Inc.
Sony tv Image improvement
Canon & Sony Cameras from Camerastore
Thermal imaging sales and service www.gotoinfrared.com
BFI OPTILAS, distributor of cameras and sensors since 1973

Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration -- St. Luke's Cataract & Laser Institute
MD Support -- information for people dealing with macular degeneration
The Schepens Eye Research Institute
Schepens Eye Research Institute -- Eye Disease Information and Resources
Macular degeneration -- Mayo Clinic
Micro Current Stimulation device for the treatment of Macular Degeneration
LUCENTIS for Macular Degeneration


Optical Product Development and Consulting by Curt Deckert Associates, Inc.
R&D Management Consulting by Curt Deckert Associates, Inc.
Unitron -- Comparison Microscopes & Projectors
Nikon MicroscopyU
Nikon Microscopy: Small World Competition Gallery
Nikon Microscopy: Interactive Java Tutorials - Proximity-Focused Image Intensifiers
Nikon Virtual Microscopy - Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy 
Nikon Microscopy: Featured Microscopist - Stephen Paddock
Leica Microsystems Heidelberg GmbH - Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy
Automated Imaging Association
Biocompare Product Matrix
Technical Instrument San Francisco (TISF) Microscope Systems
Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer: Anatomy of the Microscope Objectives
Olympus America Inc. Corporate Web Site2
Botany online: Microscopy - Phase Contrast and Dark Field
Hoffman Modulation Contrast Photomicrography - Apollo 15 Moon Rock
Molecular Microscopy -- Specialized Techniques - Phase Contrast
Molecular Microscopy -- Phase Contrast -- Interactive Tutorial
Notes on adapting a microscope for phase contrast
Olympus America Product Page
Hamilton Thorne Biosciences - Home
Hamilton Thorne Research IVOS Analyzer
Suppliers of: Phase-contrast
Leica Microsystems - Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy
Optoma Technology -- About Us 
Microscopy Page 
Microscopy Images (Microscopy & Imaging, Exp Path Core, SWEHSC)
Confocal Microscopy (Microscopy & Imaging, Exp Path Core, SWEHSC)
Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer: - Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy
Confocal Information
Keck Biological Imaging Laboratory
Confocal Microscopy
Confocal club - useful links
SPM Tutorial
Molecular Expressions Microscopy Primer: Immersion Media;
3-D Confocal Microscopy Home Page
Microscopy Primer: Interactive Java Tutorials
klughammer gmbh
Organisation List
An Introduction to Microscopy
Molecular Expressions -- Museum of 20th Century Microscopes
KEYENCE Digital Microscope Resource Center
Microscope Manufacturers
Triptar Lens Company - Image Gallery
Microscopy - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ophthalmology Links

The Achromatopsia Network. Information on vision disorder achromatopsia.
AAPOS. American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.
Academic positions. List of academic positions available in Ophthalmology.
Allatoona. Allatoona Eye and Cataract Institute.
AAO. American Academy of Ophthalmology.
AAO. AAO Patient education page.
AJO. American Journal of Ophthalmology.
AMA. American Medical Association.
AMA MSS. American Medical Association, Medical student section.
Archives of Ophthalmology. The Archives on-line.
ASCRS. American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery.
Automated Ophthalmics.
Blepharospasme. Blepharospasme and ocular dystonia.
BMJ. The British Medical Journal.
CAVO. Canadian Association of Vetinary Ophthalmology.
C & H Contact Lens, Inc. Contact Lens Manufacturer.
CibaVision. CIBAVision Ophthalmics.
CLEK. Collaborative Longitudinal Evaluation of Keratoconus Study.
Contact Lens Council Web Site.
Cornea Associates of Texas. Cornea's specialists.
Dapremont Eye Clinic.
Diabetic retinopathy.
DICON.Perimeter manufacturer.
DJO.Digital Journal of Ophthalmology: A peer-review journal on the World Wide Web.
Eye condition and diseases.
EYE-Online. EYE-Online.
ET Online. Eye on the Internet.
Excel's IO. Excel's Internet Optical.
Eye-Web. An Italian site.
FEE. Florida Eye Equipment.
F-SPACE inc.
Glaucoma. Glaucoma page.
The Glaucoma Foundation.
Hardin MD. Health/Medical Index.
HNF. Hospital News of Florida.
Humphrey. Humphrey Instruments.
IEF. International Eye Foundation.
Integrated Orbital Implants.. Ocular implants and artificial eyes.
JGS. Japan Glaucoma Society.
JOON+T. Journal of Ophthalmic Nursing and Teaching.
JOSA. Journal of the Optical Society of America.
JOPO+S. Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.
JRS. Journal of Refractive Surgery.
LensNet. Lens and Cataract Researcher Internet Directory.
Lippincott. To buy Medical books.
Low Vision. Services and products for the visually impaired.
LSU. LSU Department of Ophthalmology.
Macular degeneration. Macular degeneration Home Page.
MedSearch. Medical recruiting for physicians, administrators and allied health personnel.
MedWeb. MedWeb Ophthalmology Page.
Molecular Vision. Molecular Vision.
NASA. NASA Vision Science and Technology Group.
Neuro-Ophthalmic Surgical Society (NOSS).
NIH. National Institutes of Health.
NLM. NLM History of Medicine.
NEI. National Eye Institute.
NLM. National Library of Medicine.
NOAH. National Association for Albinism and Hypopigmentation.
Ocular pathology. Orbital and Eye Lesions.
OSN. Ocular Surgery News.
OPS. Ophthalmic Photographers Society.
OS+L. Ophthalmic Surgery and Lasers.
Ophthalmology Associates - Utah.
OPTICAL CENTER. Central exchange for the Optical Industry.
OPTICAL. Optics and topography involving the cornea and lens.
OSA. Optical Society of America.
PAR Vision Systems.
Pediatric Ophth. Pediatric ophthalmology site.
Physician's Employment. Physician job search source, focusing on MD and DO's.
PCON. Primary Care Optometry News.
Retina References. Retinal reference page.
Retina Resource. The Retinal Resource.
Review of Ophthalmology. Review of Ophthalmology www site.
RK. RK Home Page.
RK Master. RK software system.
RLI. PRK Page.
RSS. Refractive Surgery Suites.
SERI. Schepens Eye Research Institute.
Shiley Eye Center.
Slack. Slack, Inc.
Sjšgren's Syndrome. Dry eye and Sjšgren's Syndrome.
SUNY Buffalo. SUNY Buffalo Internet Ophthalmology.
SuperDOC. Multimedia application seen at SECO 1995.
Surgical Eye Expeditions (S.E.E.) International.
Texas Oculoplastic Surgery Associates.
Texas Retina Associates. Ophthalmologist specializing in the retina.
TLC. The Laser Center.
Utah Ophthalmological Society.
VisionNetwork. Eyecare on the Internet. Topics: eyewear, lenses, laser, eye disorders, etc.
Vision Price Finder. Eyewear/eyecare products.
Vision Research Vision Research WWW server.
Vision Resources, Inc.
Vision Science. WWW Virtual Library.
Wills Eye Hospital.
WHO. World Health Organization.
Yahoo. Yahoo Ophthalmology page.
20/20 WebSearch. Web based search engine listing hundreds of vision related sites.

Optical related

Optical Product Development and Consulting by Curt Deckert Associates, Inc. 
R&D Management Consulting by Curt Deckert Associates, Inc. 
Photonics Online: Virtual community for the optics industry 
ADVANCED IMAGING: Solutions for the Electronic Imaging Professional 
ATV Electronic sign, full color display, Outdoor VIDEO signs, Outdoor TV, LED
CNET.com - 10 technologies that will take over 
CLEO/QELS 2003 -- 5th Pacific Rim Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics  
Cairn Research Ltd. Home Page. 
LASCOMM Fiber Optics Data and Video Communications 
LASCOMM Fiber Optic Wavelength Division Multiplexing 
Radiant Imaging - Luminance and Illuminance Unit Conversion Calculator 
A leading Laser and Fiber Company: CeramOptec 
Introduction to the optical microscope - explored in diagrams and text 
ILX Lightwave: Photonic Test and Measurement Instruments 
McNICHOLS CO. - Perforated Metals, Gratings 
Metalic reflectors 
Nikon MicroscopyU 
The Society for Information Display 
Forums - SPIE Web 
OSSC Home Page 
What Is OptiCad? 
Opti-Forms, Inc - Electroformed Optics & High Performance Coatings 
Point Source - the pioneer of "flexible laser technology" 
NZ Applied Technologies - Photonic Materials and Devices 
Newport | Photonics | Optical Meters and Detectors | Power and Energy 
Microscan ® Quadrus 
Nanoptics, Inc., Home Page--World Leader in Custom Plastic Fiberoptics 
Diffuse Reflectance Near-Infrared Spectrometry for Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitoring 
Photonic Crystal Group - Université Montpellier II 
Photo Research, Inc. Photometers, Spectroradiometers,Imaging systems,
Photonics Online: Digital Marketplace for the photonics industry 
QSP - cold and hot mirrors, UV filters  and color corrections filters.
Detection Tech Inc.Silicon PIN Photodiodes Radiation Detectors
Opti-Forms, Inc - Electroformed Optics & High Performance Coatings 
Polymicro Technologies, LLC - Specialists in Fused Silica 
Ophir Optronics - Home Page - Laser Power Meters and Laser Energy Meters 
Willkommen bei DOCTER ® OPTICS 
Oriel Instruments Homepage 
Lumitex Fiber Optic Lighting Home Page 
Solar Radiation Resource Information 
Telescopes and Fresnel Lenses 
Optical components-plastic molded optics-specialty optics-lenses and lens systems 
Super Vision International 
spectroscopyNOW.com - The new resource serving the spectroscopy community 
SCHOTT GLAS - Company - US subsidiaries 
Reading on Fresnel Lenses 
Photonics West 2003 Product Showcase
Provide Fast Measurements for the Lab 
High-speed detectors-New Focus 
Total Internal Reflection 
Sibir Optics: F.A.Q. 
Image Labs International - Machine Vision and Technology - Glossary 
Welcome to the Center for Fluorescence Spectroscopy 
Biophotonics Intl - Photonic Solutions for Biotechnology and Medicine
Conoptics, Inc. Homepage
OCLI - Making Light Work Home Page
Micro Glass Lens Arrays - Micro-Array.pdf
RPM Microstructured Surfaces
Heptagon - Products - Examples
Astronomy, cosmology Day Star: Welcome
Welcome to OpticNet, Inc.
Meade telescopes, Celestron telescopes, TeleVue, Takahashi and more. Telescope eyepieces, telescope accessories, ccd cameras and ccd imaging by SBIG.Astronomy Telescopes from Meade, Celestron, TeleVue, Takahashi, accessories and eyepieces, CCD imaging cameras from SBIG and more. 
Infrared Systems: resource for information on thermal imaging cameras for a variety of uses, infrared theory and thermal imaging camera applications. 
Vision Systems Design - Machine Vision and Image Processing Technology
OSA / SPIE Optics Education Degree Program Database
OSA Optics for Teens
The Internet Webseum of Holography
The MIT Holography Museum
OSA Rochester Section Outreach Program
The Optical Library

Fiber optic related

Optical Product Development and Consulting by Curt Deckert Associates, Inc. 
R&D Management Consulting by Curt Deckert Associates, Inc. 
LANs, WANs, wireless systems and other information on communications networks
EE Times - Fiber-optic transceivers go metro
Fiber Optic CableTutorial
Fiber Optic Supply Catalog
New England Fiber Optic Corporation - fiber optics, fiber optic cable,
Fiber Optics - Modem, Multiplexer, Converter, Video, Ethernet,
Fiber Optics Online: Digital Marketplace for the telecommunications industry
Fiber optics - Ch.5
Fiber Optics
Introduction - IR Fiber Review
Johanson Fiber Optics Group Home Page
Lumatec Online
Corning Optical fiber
OFC 2003 - Optical Fiber Communication Conference & Exhibit
KMI Corporation: World Leader in Fiberoptics Market Research
Polymicro Technologies, LLC - Specialists in Fused Silica
Poly-optical Products Inc., plastic optical fiber devices.
siphyintro -- Silica Physics Company
FLEX-LITE Fiber Optic Ribbon Cable Assemblies
Terry's Sample Web Page
Xanoptix | Welcome
Welcome to Brimrose Corporation of America
CSP Fiber Optics Glossary
Bitpipe: Fiber Optic Networks
Bitpipe: Verifying MPLS OC-192, VPN, 10GbE: What You Need to Know
IEC: Fiber-Optic Technology
Cypress High-Speed USB Camera Design for PC
More on Cypress Semiconductor
Google Search: fiber optic transceivers
StarTech.com->Networking->Fiber Optics
Multimode Duplex Non-Plenum Fiber Optic Cables
IEC: Fiber-Optic Technology
Ethernet paper on systems
Optical Fiber, A Directory of Resources on the World Wide Web
Optical Cable Corporation -- manufacture of tight-buffer fiber optic cables
Ukrainian Engineers Society of America - TechNet - Plastic Optical Fiber
USB 2.0 tries to make the connection - Tech News - CNET.com
Telecom Research and Consulting-plastic
Open Directory - Telecommunications: Equipment: Manufacturers: Fiber Optics
Chapter 2 Fiber optics
Lynx Photonic Networks
Pace micro inc
Optical Fiber Communication
PerkinElmer Optoelectronics - Optical Coupling of Flashlamps and Fiber Optics
OZ fiber
Manufacturer of custom fiber optic products

Brittlestar Eyes

Brittlestar - UCLA 
Brittlestar on spawning star coral 
Population Biology of the Brittlestar Amphiodia urtica 
Brittlestar Research - Hood 
Brittlestar - Zehr 
Tiffany's Brittlestar home page 
Fossil brittlestar, starfish from Solnhofen Plattenkalk, Bavaria, Germany 
Brittlestar - seatraveler 
Brittlestar- westermeier 
Brittlestar - seashots - kosrae 
Brittlestar - seashots - channel islands 
Brittle Star - o_schayeri 
Brittlestar optics 
Indonesia, Ofiura, Brittlestar, Ophiomastix variabilis 
Dr. Steve Stancyk -- Reproductive Ecology of Marine Invertebrates  
ABCNEWS.com Sea Creature Coated by a Complex Compound Eye 
Reproduction in argyle creek -- The brittlestar Amphipholis squamata 
First occurrence of a "brittlestar bed"  

Computers and Software

Semiconductor International
AMD - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
ChipCenter: The Web's Definitive Electronics Resource
SPARC Datacenter servers in the SPARC Product Directory
Lcd displays tft dstn by Panel Solutions Group
Coreco Inc.
Handspring: Developers: Technical Information
Vision 1 Imaging Mall: Frame Grabbers
Sun Microsystems
PalmGear H.Q.'s Product Overview
Dell Computer - Laptop, Desktop, Workstation, Server
Welcome to the Altera Web Site
Data Sheet Abstract
R.L.C. Embedded Single Board Computers And Controllers
Texas Instruments Welcomes You
TOP500 Supercomputer Sites
Head Mounted Displays
iVisit(tm) - Home Page
onHand - The World's Smallest PDA!
Sumitomo Metals - Image Processing Products
Welcome to Data Translation, Inc.  508-481-3700
Welcome to IrDA
ChipCenter: The Web's Definitive Electronics Resource
Solutions for the Palm, handspring modules, Barcode and more...
EPIX, Inc. - Image Processing for Research and Industry
Image Processing Systems for Deconvolution, 3D Rendering, 3D Volume Visualization.
Welcome to the Altera Web Site
Color Printers, inkjet printers, color laser printers, laser printers, etc., by Lexmark
ESP Document Processing Solutions Home Page
Optiscan - Leaders in Live Micro Imaging (LMI)
McAfee.com - Business Products
Symantec Products
High-Speed Digital Design On-Line Newsletter
Datacube - High Performance Imaging Systems
Xilinx: Programmable Logic Devices, FPGA & CPLD
FPGA Information
EDN: DSP-architecture directory.(Buyers Guide)
Sceptre News Release: BT15+ LCD Panel
Welcome to SARIF: LCD Technology Home Page
Fast Fourier Transforms
FFT Properties is a real time spectrum analyzer for IBM PC.
SPIFFEE, a low power FFT processor chip
The MathWorks - The Developer's Kit for Texas Instruments DSP
CMOS cameras for machine vision, automotive & surveillance
Image Arithmetic - Logarithm Operator
Complex-Logarithmic Conformal Mapping in Still Image Coding
Lossless Image Compression
Compression Algorithms
run length encoding
Megapixel.net Glossary Entry
The Imaging Source > Frame Grabbers > Introduction
LEADTOOLS Raster Imaging Engine - Image Processing, Compression and More
Making the Internet Work for Your Business
C-Pen - Stroke of genius
TigerDirect.com - Wizcom QuickLink Pen
silicon retina work
Welcome to Enductive Solutions
Xybernaut Corporation
Light Reading - The Global Site For Optical Networking
SolidView - 3D View and Markup
PowerPoint 97
ALGOR.com - center for mechanical design technology:
NE/Nastran For Windows - Structural Analysis Software | Noran Engineering Inc
Mathtools.net: The technical computing portal for engineering needs.
Rabbit Semiconductor | Tools for Embedded Control and Communications
Symantec Security Response - Jdbgmgr.exe file hoax
Florida Marine Surveyors -- provides computerized thermal imaging

Youth Links

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth
Teen Contest 
Homeschool Principals - Fall 2001 
Just for Kids: How the Eye Works 
Howstuffworks "How Fiber Optics Work" 
Welcome to DrDino.com -- Creation Science 
Optics for Kids by Bruce Irving at ORA
The Stony Brook Laser Teaching Center
Girl Scout's Girls GoTech
NASA Student Website
Sally Ride Science
Science News for Kids
NY Hall of Science
Science News for Kids
OSA Optics for Teens

Scenes of Amazing Beauty & Miscellaneous
Jean and Warren's Amazing Beauty Home Page
Amazing Beauty - Birds
Amazing Beauty - God's Magnificent Universe
Biology Graphics of Amazing Beauty
Baby's Development Page of Amazing Beauty
Embryology Page of Amazing Beauty
Fundamental Chemicals of Amazing Beauty
Biochemical Molecules of Amazing Beauty
Amazing Beauty - Sky Photos
Amazing Beauty - Wild Animals
BioForce Main Page bugscope gallery
Looking inside cells and tissues -- Chapter 1
The Trilobite Eye
Warren's Scenes of Amazing Beauty

General Health

Acne and Health -- Reciprocal Links Directory. 
Dr. Joseph Mercola's Health News 
Dr. Weil's Optimum Health Plan  
Dr Julian Whitaker's Health Update Editor -- Health & Healing  
Dr Allen Josephs' -- Source For Vitamins 

Second Sight -- Retinal Prostheses For Blinded Patients
Below are press references for the Second Sight retinal prosthesis work

"The Vision Chip" The New York Times - December 15, 2002
"Engineering Vision" ABC News - November 21, 2002
"Single Eye Chip" Forbes Global - October 14, 2002 pg. 62.
"Prosthetic Retinas for the Blind" Business Week - May 27, 2002 pg. 95
Press Release- April 30, 2002: Second Sight Announces Successful Implant
Santa Clarita Magazine
"Visionary Implant," Economist - September 20, 2001
"A Chip Fights Blindness" Fortune Small Business - May 2001 pg. 62.
"MEMS Microcosm" Forbes ASAP - April 2, 2001
"The Miracle Man of Med Tech - Alfred Mann's gizmos improve lives - and make a bundle" Business Week - March 27, 2000 pg.116-121.
"Second Sight Receives Substantial NIH Grant"
"An Electric Retina," The Whitaker Foundation - 2000 Annual Report



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