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Eye Design Book
by Curt Deckert, PhD
Eye design disclaimer.
This Web Site states an opinion on intelligent design that it is very controversial to some people. It is up to the reader to evaluate the evidence and decide. It is designed to express an intelligent design opinion by looking at the design of eyes. It uses support Material from a wide variety of sources for that purpose. I have credited the diagrams, illustrations, and photographs used where I thought it was necessary. I intend no infringement on copyrights because we do not pursue monetary profit from this site. This does not mean that we agree with the conclusion of referenced copyrighted Material nor does it mean that we have obtained permission from all sources. We have not been able to contact all copyright holders of this material. If our use of this material is offensive, it will be removed upon specific request. Please contact the reference sources for permission to use any material used by this site. If the information on this site is not accurate, please notify us and we will do our best to correct or remove it so that EYE DESIGN is useful for scholarship, research, and teaching.

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